Welcome to Encore! Performing Arts

Encore! Performing Arts is a Nottingham based performing arts company, striving to provide the highest possible quality of plays and musicals since 2015.

We continually have a large-scale production on the go, varying in styles, genres and technicality. We carefully select each show to uncover and present new and promising talent, whilst thoroughly auditioning all cast members to maintain our enviable reputation of high-quality shows.


When planning our shows, we like to bring fresh and innovative productions to Nottingham audiences. As a company, we don’t have membership. We like to have new people in every show, constantly recruiting and auditioning for new dramatic talent – a daunting task for every show, but we love a challenge! We’re always welcoming cast members, new and old.

Encore Media

Not only do we work with theatre, but we also have various projects in the filmed media. We have our own Youtube channel, and we work with actors, directors, writers and other professionals to encourage new writers and individuals to expand their skills.

Encore Edge

Launched in 2019, Encore Edge is a new initiative we’re proud to be undertaking. Whilst the main company continues to put on full-scale productions, Edge works to explore less-travelled avenues. This may be very small scale shows, brand new writing, talent showcases and more, all within much smaller venues suitable for the task.